Animal World

Although no synopsis appears to be available and the just-released trailer is a Scrabble letter bag of incomprehensibility, Animal World appears to be about gangs of underground gangs battling reptilian creatures in subways. One of those fighters transforms into a clown to do his exterminating. The amazing thing is how straight this trailer plays the utterly bonkers premise (which is adapted from the Japanese manga Ultimate Survivor Kaiji). High production values and stylized GCI lend it a Matrix-y vibe—or vibe reminiscent of any number of similarly kinetic action movies . . . only with a clown. An aerodynamic, monster-obliterating, sword-wielding clown. Picture me and 17 friends emerging from a comically small car at the same time to buy tickets.

Genres: Drama, Action, Adventure

Release date: 29/Jun/2018

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